Victorian Olive Groves

Victorian Olive Groves Balsamic Vinegar 250ml

This Australian Balsamic style vinegar has been aged for three years. VOG was founded in 1995 by Oil Maker, Peter Caird, of Bendigo, in central Victoria, Australia. Caird's award winning talents attracted the Hart's and Zito's as new partners based on the Mornington Peninsula. Factory and product line expansion followed and was accompanied by new competitive successes. The high oil quality and environmental principles attracted Victoria's much awarded chef, restaurateur, TV host and author, Stefano de Pieri, to become a partner in 2002.
Slow roast seasonal tomatoes with Murray River salt, pepper and a good splash of VOG Balsamic Vinegar. Serve with a fluffy omelette filled with 180 Acres herb chevre for a quick brunch.