Capirete Sherry Vinegar 4yr 375ml

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Since 1933 the Jose Paez Lobato family have been producing the finest sherry vinegar from their ‘Bodega’ or cellar in the Jerez region of Andalucía in Spain. This area is famed for its sherry, the unique climate contributing to the distinctive flavour of the Palomino grapes that are used in the production of Capirete sherry vinegar. The 4 year old is ideal for finishing a fresh gazpacho or dressing a simple salad.
Spain Variety of grape: Palomino Aging: 4 years Type of Barrels used for aging: American Oak barrels. Type of bottle: Classic black glass Sherry wine. Colour: Amber. Bouquet: Delicate and fine to perfect vinegar. Taste: Excellent to wine vinegar. Acidity: