Peter Watson Thai Fish Sauce 375 ml

Red Curry Paste 260g


Satay Spice Paste 260g

Perfect for prawns, just marinade the prawns in satay paste for an hour, barbeque and serve with lime or lemon quarters.

Soy Sauce Raw 300ml

Yamato made the first Raw Soy Sauce in Japan about 20 years ago. Favoured by top restaurants around the world, the Raw Soy Sauce uses top quality raw ingredients and a patented production process to produce a sweet and delicately flavoured product.

Soy Sauce Raw 900ml

Sweet Chilli Sauce 190ml

Wasabi Oil 250ml

Wasabi oil is made from Olive Oil [sourced from Italy], Wasabi and Capsicum extracts. Mixed with a little Simon Johnson Organic Balsamic or Yamato Raw Soy Sauce, it makes a great dressing or marinade for meat, fish or seafood.

Yuzu Juice 360ml

Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit that tastes like a blend of lemon and lime. Use Yamato Yuzu Juice to enhance sauces, salad dressings and soups. It also makes for a refreshing drink on its own or as a mixer for clear spirits.