Must Haves

A few of my favourites, or favourites of clients. With these items in your pantry, almost anything is possible.


Balsamic Vinegar 6 Years 250ml

Caperberries 370g

Caper Flowers in extra virgin olive oil; so yummy tossed onto a simple piece of grilled fish; in a tomato and preserved lemon salad; through freshly cooked pasta with some grated pecorino and chopped Ortiz anchovies; use in a salsa verde or green sauce.

Capers in Salt 4mm 275g

Capers are the buds of a flowering shrub, harvested from mid-May until August. Every eight to ten days, the plant produces capers of various sizes - the smallest are the most prized as they are sweet and tender. Packed in sea salt to retain their flavour

Capirete Sherry Vinegar 4yr 375ml

Spain Variety of grape: Palomino Aging: 4 years Type of Barrels used for aging: American Oak barrels. Type of bottle: Classic black glass Sherry wine. Colour: Amber. Bouquet: Delicate and fine to perfect vinegar. Taste: Excellent to wine vinegar. Acidity:

Chilli Jam 260g

Mix a little with coconut milk or coconut cream, in tomato or tamarind based sauces, add to noodles, soups, stir fries or rice or use as a dipping sauce or condiment. Contains chilli, onions, garlic, canola oil, tamarind, sugar

Cocoa Powder 250g

Intense taste and mahogany red color. 100% cocoa. Whether used in baking, as the dusting for chocolate truffles or wonderfully thick hot chocolate, Valrhona cocoa powder adds great chocolate flavor.

Cordial Elderflower 500ml

Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial has a clean, crisp taste of delicate handpicked elderflowers from English hedgerows and makes an exquisite non-alcoholic alternative for any occasion. It even contains vitamin C! Simply dilute with still or sparkling water

Flaky Pastry Shells x 30

Delicious with sweet or savoury fillings. A must-have pantry item.

Giuseppe Crostini Olive 200g

Made with luscious black kalamata olives, these crostini are the perfect snack or appertiser. Sprinkle over soups or salads or just try stopping at a handful!

Giuseppe Crostini S/Salt & Rosemary 200g

Delicately flavoured with sea salt and spiked with rosemary these little toasts are baked in Puglia Italy. Delicious with drinks, they never seem to last very long.