Peter Watson Palm Sugar

Sugar Brown Cubes 250g

La Perruche sugar cubes are made in France from 100% pure unrefined cane sugar grown in the French overseas territories. These premium quality sugar cubes have a rich and perfumed taste with hints of honey and vanilla. They dissolve quickly and uniformly, making them perfect for coffee or tea.

Sugar Brown Cubes 750g

Sugar Cassonade 750g

100% pure and non-refined cane sugar, with fine texture and deliciously golden color. Whether sprinkled on top of yogurt and fruit or used in baking, La Perruche Cassonade with its subtle hints of honey and vanilla is the secret to successful desserts. Sprinkle a thin layer on top of your creme brulee and flambe‚ for a crisp, glossy, golden toffee.

Cassonade sugar can be used to the same remarkable effect on any pastry, providing a sweet, golden crunch with nuts, fruit, custard or any other component of your baking repertoire.

Sugar White Cubes 250g

Sugar White Cubes 750g