Mrs Darlingtons Baby Onions Balsamic 450

Mrs Darlingtons Pickled Onions 450g

Pesto Basil Organic 100g

Sommariva's traditional Genovese Pesto of basil, pine nuts, garlic and extra virgin olive oil. Without reggiano and pecorino (so it is vegan). This is a DOP product. Serve with pasta, in soups, on fresh tomatoes, boiled eggs, drizzled on a tart or in a t

Peter Watson Tomato in Olive Oil & Balsamic

Pimentos Piquillo 2.5kg

Pimentos Piquillo Pieces Chargrilled 225g

Pimentos Piquillo Whole Chargrilled 225g

Roasted Red Peppers 2.5Kg ndw

Tomato Passata 690g

Tomatoes Monjardin Organic 660g

Peeled organic tomatoes. This Spanish company harvests its fruit at the peak of ripeness, when it is deep red, sweet and bursting with flavour.