Giuseppe White Truffle Honey 100g

Pefection drizzled over a twice-cooked blue cheese souffle with salad leaves and roasted hazelnuts (see Philip Johnson's cookbook, Eating In)

Honey Beechwood Organic 160g

Honey Beechwood Organic 1kg

Honey Ironbark Organic 160g

Honey Manuka Organic Active + 160g

Honey Orange Blossom 160g

Honey Tasmanian Leatherwood 160g

Honey Truffle 100g

Try drizzled over some full-flavoured blue cheese. Or a twice-cooked blue cheese souffle, served with frisee salad, roasted hazelnuts and truffle-flavoured honey (thanks to Brisbane chef Philip Johnson).

Honey White Clover Organic 160g

Honey White Clover Organic 1kg