Pates, pastes and sauces


Feliubadalo Salsa All I Oli 95g

A creamy paste made from garlic and oil to a traditional recipe from all natural ingredients. It is free from colouring, flavouring and artificial preservatives. An ideal accompaniment for meat, fish, seafood, salad, vegetables and potatoes. Gluten free.

Feliubadalo Salsa Brava 95g

A traditional Spanish sauce originating from the capital Madrid. The sauce has a tangy, tomato flavour, is spiced with paprika and is delicious with vegetables, meat, fish, seafood and for dipping tortilla chips. Of the many iconic tapas Spain has to offer, patata brava is one of the better known. Create your own tapas at home with a few crunchy roast potatoes and a generous amount of Feliubadalo Salsa Brava.

Feliubadalo Salsa de Barcelona 180ml

A fresh, bright, more Mediterranean sauce pays homage to the city and the market that inspired its origins. Salsa de Barcelona is perfect for all types of aperitifs, including olives, snacks, patatas bravas, cockles, mussels and more. A few drops or a quick squirt brings out flavours and adds a very tasty, special touch. It enhances mayonnaise or vinaigrettes. It is brilliant with all sorts of pasta and rice dishes, salads and vegetables, fish and seafood, meat, soups and anything else you could imagine. Gluten free.

Feliubadalo Salsa Romesaco 95g

Romesaco is the most internationally recognised Catalan sauce and is made from tomatoes, oil, white wine vinegar, almonds, hazelnuts and garlic.

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