Biscuits - sweet or savoury


All Things Nice Cornflake Biscuits 190g

All Things Nice Sugar Dusters 190g

Beatties Bluettes Rect 170g

Made by hand using Danish-style blue cheese, butter and a dash of cayenne for kick, Bluettes make a moreish pre-dinner snack and are delicious with red wine.

Beatties Cheesecuits Rect 170g

These crumbly, wickedly addictive little morsels are made by hand to an old family recipe, using only natural ingredients such as butter, parmesan and cheddar cheese. Great for pre-dinner drinks, they can also be topped with a sliver of olive and warmed b

Beatties Shortbreads 150g

What could be better than buttery shortbread? Shortbread flavoured with berries. This twist on a classic is splendid with a cup of tea or can be topped with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh raspberries for an easy dessert.

Beatties Travellers 150g

A great afternoon treat with a cup of tea, these crunchy biscuits are made in the best Anzac tradition, with oats, real butter and honey.

Biscuits Basil Crackers 150g

Biscuits Bath Ovals Fine English 100g

Biscuits Celery Crackers 150g

Biscuits Charcoal Miller's Damsels 125g

Ultra-thin and crisp neutral crackers to carry or dip. Made from stone-milled English flour and grains in the traditional way. Earthy and honest.