Herbs, spices, flavourings


Gohar Spices Saffron 1g

Spanish Saffron. Grind the strings in a small ceramic mortar in order to get a stronger colour and flavour.

Bolero Green Peppercorns 65g

Bolero Paprika Smoked Bitter Swt 90g Tin

Bolero Paprika Smoked Hot 90g Tin

Bolero Paprika Smoked Sweet 750g

Bolero Paprika Smoked Sweet 90g Tin

Capers in Salt 4mm 1.3kg

Capers in Salt 4mm 275g

Capers are the buds of a flowering shrub, harvested from mid-May until August. Every eight to ten days, the plant produces capers of various sizes - the smallest are the most prized as they are sweet and tender. Packed in sea salt to retain their flavour

Capers in Salt 7mm 1.3kg

Madagascan Organic Vanilla Beans ea