Flaky Pastry Shells x 30

Delicious with sweet or savoury fillings. A must-have pantry item.

Gelatine Sheets Gold per kg

3 sheets will set 250ml liquid - approx 50 sheets per kg (please order amount required)

Gelatine Sheets Titanium per kg

I sheet will set 250ml liquid - approx 20 sheets per kg (please order amount required)

Goose Fat 180g

MK Beef Stock 500ml

100% Natural Filtered clarified Beef Stock, naturally reduced, no artificial flavourings or additives,no added MSG, low in salt, 99% fat free and gluten free. Made with the freshest ingredients, use this stock instead of water. This stock will enhance and

MK Chicken Stock 500ml

You will find that the pantry always needs one or two of these on the shelf as they can be used for an abundance of things such as soups and risottos.

MK Fish Stock 500ml

Great for making a seafood paella or traditional fish stew.

MK Shellfish Stock 500ml

MK Veal Stock 500ml

The delicate flavour of this stock is ideal soups and casseroles.

MK Vegetable Stock 500ml

A must in my pantry. No artificial flavourings or additives, no added MSG, no gluten and very little salt. Just fresh vegetables simmered slowly, then reduced and clarified to create a tasty stock that will add depth of flavour to soups, casseroles, risot