Vanilla Beans per Kg

Sweet Pastry Shells x 30

For easy entertaining try serving with Duchy Lemon Curd and double cream for an instant treat with coffee after dinner.

Shortcrust Pastry Shells x 30

Make your entertaining easy try serving with filled with smoked salmon and créme fraiche or marinated feta and Piquillo Pimentos.

Flaky Pastry Shells x 30

Delicious with sweet or savoury fillings. A must-have pantry item.

Stock Chicken 500ml

Simon Johnson stocks are manufactured by a small German company that respects traditional production methods and recipes. The production is labourious, hours of cooking the ingredients, removing fat and clarifying the basic broth.

Raw Materials Pure Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste 100mL

Raw Materials Mini Tart Shells 112g

18 per pack

Raw Materials Mini Vol au Vents 60g

12 per pack

Peter Watson Coarse Grey Sea Salt 375 gr

Peter Watson Vegetable Stock 300 gm