Aioli 300g

Just the right hint of garlic in this smooth mayonnaise. Use as a dip for vegetables, spread on a hamburger or mix with smoked trout for a great salad.

Chutney Indian Mango 340g

Chutney Tomato 370g

Chutney Tomato and Onion 300g

Harissa Hot Sauce - Tube 70g

Horseradish and Cream 140g

Made with fresh horseradish, cream, sunflower oil and mustard, ideal with roast beef, smoked fish, beetroot, asparagus or even mixed with crème fraiche for a lighter version.

Horseradish with Cream 1kg

Hot Samoan Boys Chilli Sauce 150ml

Jelly Mint 250g

Jelly Rosemary 250g