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Provender online – the simple way to source gourmet products from home.  Whether it's smoky Spanish saffron, Madagascar vanilla, or imported chocolate, you can select your favourite gourmet products from Australia, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas and have them delivered - right to your door in the Yarra Valley, or posted to you anywhere in Australia.

Simply request items you'd like from our comprehensive list and Provender online will do the running around for you.

Want a special item that's not on our list? We'll track it down just for you. Need a couple of ingredients for the latest exotic dish from Gourmet Traveller? All you have to do is ask.

Provender online is the creation of Jennifer Seabrook, who moved to the Yarra Valley in 2001 and wouldn't move back to the city for anything. But she loves food and does miss the range of products that can often only be obtained in town.
However, food shopping expeditions to hunt down one item here and one item there are no fun. Visits to the city can definitely be better spent on other activities – like lunch with friends, a movie, or a more leisurely shopping experience.

Provender online is the home of Yarra Valley Provender. ABN 38371392318.